Custom Mobile Application Development for Individuals and Businesses

At Kryptaxe Gh we develop powerful mobile app with an appealing interface and custom functionality thoroughly-designed to serve your unique business needs and make your users happier.

  • Discover new acquisition and revenue channels
  • Match clients’ expectations and enhance experience
  • Build engagement and customer retention
  • Reveal customers behaviour insights
  • 24/7 Customer Service

App UI UX Design

Used to create exceptional apps with an attractive design, intuitive interface, and convenient user experience.

Andriod App Development

Develop high-performing, scalable and native looking apps for Android devices with Kotlin and Java.

Application Development Services

IOS App Development

Make intuitive mobile apps with rich functionality for Apple mobile devices with Swift and Objective-C.

Cross-platform App Development

Build an app that runs across multiple platforms using the same codebase with Flutter or React Native.

Mobile server-side Development

Setup cloud or hardware infrastructure for app execution, components coordination, and API integrations.

Legacy application modernization

Improve performance and throughput, upgrade UX/UI, and add new features to existing mobile apps.

Mobile App Development Process

To ensure product integrity, speed up time-to-market, improve engineers productivity and save costs, we adhere to the following stages of a mobile application development lifecycle.

Book a consult with an expert

Determining functional and non-functional requirements, researching the competition, creating user personas, defining technology specifications, setting goals and KPIs to measure success.


Clarification of app requirements, UX planning, mockup approval, UI design and approval, creation of style guides, clickable app prototype, and deliverables for mobile developers.


Selection of app architecture, technologies for the back-end, frameworks, libraries, and ready made solutions, API design and integrations, database modeling, setup of CI/CD.

Quality Assurance

Sequential layered testing of crucial functionality, supplementary functionality, and layouts. Thorough security, usability, and performance testing, including high load and stress testing.

Testing, Review and Launch Phase

Submission of the app to the Apple App Store and Google Play. Upgrading the app with extended functionality. Processing user feedback and analytics for improvements.